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"Accumax Engineering Pvt. Ltd."
We Manufacturing A Diamond Segments Made By Vacuum Sintering,Cores Are Made From High Quality Steel,Diamond Segments Brazed Onto Steel Cores.

"Active Machine & Tool"

We Manufacture, Distribute And Service Any Tooling. Router Bits -- Diamond, Insert, Carbide, Hss . Circular Saws -- Diamond, Carbide, Hss . Shaper Cutters, Moulder Heads, Knife Stock, Inserts. Boring Bits, Multi-Spur Bits, Drills, End-Mills, Reamers, Taps. Band Saw Blades For Wood, Metal, & Butcher. Abrasives, Hand Tools, Accessories Tool Holders, Collets & Accessories. In Addition, We Manufacture Custom Tooling Upon Request .

"Adi Spa"

Offers Blind And Core Drills,Diamond Crown And Segments, Custom Made Diamond Tools, Etc .,

"Advanced Industrial Ceramics"

Offers Ceramic Cutting Tools Rapid Prototyping Of Advanced Ceramics Thin Film Coatings Diamond Coated Pcb Drill Bits

"All Round Concrete"

The Different Sevices Offered Here Are Wall Sawing, Dowel Drilling, Core Drilling, Slab Sawing, Decorative Sawing, Diamond Bit And Blade Sales.

"Ameritool, Inc."

Diamond Drills Small Diameter Diamond Drills Are Great For Making Small Holes In Beads And Other Lapidary Projects Such As Inlay And Hole Drilling For Wire Wrapping. The Diamond Drills Will Drill Hard And Soft Gem Materials. The Drills Are Made With A High Carbon Steel Core. The Diamond Is Electroplated To The Drilling Surface To Provide A Long Drill Life.

"Argon Corporation"

Sintered & Electroplated Drills -- These Can Be Supplied With Screw Thread Adjustment, Or Grub Screw Securing. Drill Diameters From 4.5m/M To 70m/M. We Can Supply Various Accessories Such As Adjustable Countersinks And Center Waterfeed Chucks. Please Let Us Know Your Requirements, We Would Be Happy To Assist.

"Barrett Diamond Products, Inc."

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Concrete Diamond Core Drill - Electric And Hydraulic , Diamond Saws/Blades , Etc .,

"Beijing Thc Co., Ltd."

Beijing Thc Specializes In Supplying And Exporting Mechanical Power Transmission Products, Hoists And Jacks, Magnets And Diamond Tools , Water Treatment Chemicals, And Industrial Minerals. The Newly-Released Product Is Radial Piston Pumps. Products : Diamond Drilling Bits.

"Blazer Diamond Products, Inc."

Blazer Diamond Products, Inc. Are Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Wet Core Drilling Machine Accessories, Laser-Welded Core Bits, Diamond Blades, Etc .,

"Braemar Grinding Supply"

"Our Diamond Core Drills Are Manufactured With Our Exclusive Metal Bond Developed For High Strength And Longevity. Braemar Can Build Your Diamond Core Drills To Suit Your Exact Needs With A Quick Turnaround That Today`S Industries Demand. Our Sizes Range From .035"" To 36"" Diameter With Tolerance Of (±.001"") On 2"" And Under."

"Bronco Construction Equipment Ltd."

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Core Drills, Diamond Wheels And Core Bits, Concrete Cutters, Etc .,


BÜDiam Offers Diamond Circular Saw Blades , Grinding Wheels, Diamond Drill Bits And Other Diamond Tools.

"China Export Based Development"

The Different Types Of Diamond Tools That They Offer Are Diamond Special Files, Diamond Core Drill, Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points, Grind Wheels Etc.

"Clews Brothers Ltd"

Clewbro Manufacture The Highest Quality Range Of Pcd (Polycrystalline Diamond) And Pcbn (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) Tools . Products Include End Mills & Slot Drills.

"Cold Spring Granite Inc."

Cold Spring Granite Inc. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Continuous Ring Core Drills, Continuous Ring Core Drills With Brass Nut, Plated Cup Grinding Wheels , Profile Wheels , Etc .,

"Concrete Coring Company Of Cincinnati, Inc."

25 Years Experience In Design, Development And Manufacturing Of Diamond Drilling And Sawing Equipment, Including Diamond Bits And Blades

"Crystalite Corporation"

Offers Diamond Core Drills Which Provide Faster Cutting With Longer Life.

"Dad`S Rock Shop"

We Specialize In Lapidary Equipment, Tools, Supplies, Rock Tumbler Supplies, Rock Tumblers, Moldavite Products And Much More. Diamond Core Drills - ( For Clock Faces. 10mm $9.65, 12mm $11.60 ) 16mm $15.45 .

"Daniel Lopacki Co"

Diamond Core Drills : Our Core Drills Are Manufactured For Use With Hard Stone, They Should Fill Most Core Drilling Needs.

"De Hazelaar Art Supplies"

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Drills, Files,Grinding Discs, Handpads And -Laps, Polishing Blades, Saw Blades, Whetstones, Etc .,

"Dembicon Pty.Ltd."

Dembicon Pty.Ltd. Are Manufacturers And Distributers Of High Performance Diamond Cutting Tools Which Include Thinwall & Core Drill Bits, Hand Saw Blades, Flat Saw Blades, Etc .,

"Diament Ltd."

Diament Ltd. Are Manufacturers Of Diamond Tools Which Include Diamond Core Drills For Manual And Automatic Drilling Machines, Diamond Points, Polishing Wheels For Flat Glass Edges , Etc .,

"Diamond Back Diamond Blades, Inc.,"

Diamond Back Diamond Blades, Inc., Carry All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Wet Core Drill Bits Featuring Cb, Pcb And Ppb Series, High Speed Cutoff Saw Blades, Tile And Masonry Saw Blades, Etc .,

"Diamond Blade. Net"

Manufactures And Sells Diamond Saw Blade, Asphalt Saw Blade, Concrete Saw Blades, Laser Diamond Saw Blades, For Concrete, Masonry, Granite, Terrazzo, Marble, Sandstone, Tile, Brick, Wet Or Dry Cutting Blades, Core Drill Bits, Diamond Cutting Equipment, Tools, Supplies

"Diamond Cut"

Diamond Cut Offers Concrete Cutting Core Drilling Wall Sawing Dimas Products Ics Saws And More.

"Diamond Industrial Tool And Fastener L.C."

Diamond Industrial Tool And Fastener L.C. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Includes Hand Held Core Drill, Core Bits, Drill Bits, Bell Hanger Bits, Etc .,

"Diamond Systems Inc"

Dsi`S Diamond Products Division Manufactures Quality Diamond Tools And Equipment For The Construction And Stone Markets. From Diamond Blades To Core Drilling Rigs. More Than 30 Years Experience In Manufacturing Combined With Hands On Involvement With Both Professional Sawing And General Contractors Has Allowed D.S.I. To Produce Products Suited For Today`S Industry.

"Diamond Tool Store"

Offers Diamond Blades, Core Bit, Core Drill Bit, Diamond Cup Wheel, Diamond Polishing Wheel, Pad, Disc And More.


Diatool.Exe Is The Company Specializing All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Core Drill Bit, Diamond Saw Blade, Grinding Cup Wheel, Electro-Plated Tool And Polishing Pad Etc..

"Dicar Diamond Tool Corporation"

Dicar Diamond Tool Corporation Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Core Drills, Twist Drills, Diamond & Cbn Wheels ,Multi-Point Dressers, Etc .,


Thermostable Polycrystalline Diamond Inserts (Tsp), Can Be Incorporated Into Tools, Such As Drilling Bits, And Wire Drawing Dies, As Well As Wear-Resistant Components By Way Of High-Temperature Brazing Or High-Temperature Sintering.

"Dieckmann Diamond Drilling Tools Ltd."

Dieckmann Diamond Drilling Tools Ltd. Was Established In 1974 To Manufacture Drilling Tools For The Oilfield-, Mining- And Civil Engineering Industries. Diamond Drilling Bits, Coring Bits Setted With Natural And Synthetic Diamonds, And Associated Equipment.

"Direct Diamond Supplier"

"Diamond Drilling Is A Fast And Effective Alternative To Rotary Percussion Drilling. Dry Core Drills Will Produce Clean Holes In Both Concrete Blocks And House Bricks Eliminating Messy ""Making Good"". Dry Dry Core Drills Are Specially Designed To Provide A Fast Penetration Rate Requiring The Minimum Effort.We Can Offer A Re-Tipping Service For Wet And Dry Diamond Core Drills"

"Duezeta Diamond Tool S.R.L."

For Over 30 Years Duezeta Has Been Producing And Selling Diamond Tipped Tools. Prodicts : Sintered Metal Drill Bits With Fixed And Variable Diamond Tips For Use With All Manual And Automatic Machines Available On The Market.

"Edington Sales Company"

Items Like Concrete Saws And Diamond Blades, Diamond Drill Rigs And Bits Are Available For Sale Or Rent.

"Euking International Co., Ltd."

The Disc Is Flexible & With Radiate Concave Which Provide Good Polishing Performance On & Curve Surface Polishing.There Are Color Fabric On The Disc Back And Which Will Be Easy To Distinguish The Different Grit Size.

"Euro Abrasives"

Euro Abrasives Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include All Types Of Diamond Drill & Core Bits, Pads Etc.,


Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Target Swivel Core Drill, Meco`S Cd-4 4-Speed Core Drill System, Etc.,

"Fisa .S.R.L.,"

Offers Diamond Coring Drills For Drilling And Deep Core Boring Marble, Stone And Granite With Automatic And Manual Drilling Machines. Diameters From 20 To 1200 Mm For Depths Up To 1500 Mm.

"Geogem Limited"

Produce A Wide Range Of Drilling Products Including Diamond Core Bits And Drill Bits, Casing Shoes, Reaming Shells, Tube Drills And Junk Mills.

"Granite City Tool Co. Of Vermont"

Granite City Tool Co. Of Vermont Sell Diamond: Core Drill Bits, Blades, Routers, Profile Points, Profile Wheels, Wire, Segments, Polishing Disc, Files, Grinding Wheels, Etc.

"Guhring, Inc."

Guhring, Inc. Is A Leading Manufacturer Of High Quality, Advanced Design Cutting Tools. Our Standard Drill Product Offering Totals More Than 30,000 Items, Including Metric, Fractional And Letter Sizes. Drills Are Made From High Speed Steel, High Speed Cobalt And Several Grades Of Carbide. Products : Diamond & Ceramic Specials : Drills & End Mills .

"Hafner And Son Inc."

Hafner And Son Inc. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Hand Held Core Drilling, Core Drilling, Flat Sawing, Wall Sawing, Diamond Blades, Etc .,

"Hagby U.S.A. Inc,."

The Different Varieties Of Core Drills Are Onram 100, Onram 500, Onram 1000/3, Onram 1000/4 Ccd, And Onram 2000 - Heaviest Duty Onram Drill With Capacity To Drill To 1500m With N Size Core.

"Hangzhou Ctc Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd."

The Leading Diamond Saw Blade Manufacture In China. Hangzhou Ctc Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Is Well-Known For It`S Modern Equipment, Advanced Technology And Super Quality Products. Products : Diamond Hole Drilling Bits

"Haris Division Industrial Diamond"

Offers Diamond Grinding Tools For Glass-Working, Drills, Saw Blades, Flatting Grinding Wheels Up To 700 Mm. Flatting Wheels For Mashine Biebuyck

"Holer Industrial Diamond Products Ltd."

The Company`S Product Line Includes Diamond Blades For Wet & Dry Use, Diamond Core Bits And Core Drills, Diamond Wire. The Company Also Stocks Associated Machines For Diamond Wire Sawing, Concrete Crushing, Road Sawing Machines, Drill Rigs And Core Drill Motors.


Indiam Are Manufacturers Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Tools Such As Core Drills Bits, Blades, Discs, Calibrators And Much More.

"J.S. Ritter"

We Offer Twist Drills, Burs, Core Drills And Wheels Stainless Steel With An Electroplated Coating Of High-Grade Industrial Diamond. The Combination Of Quality Tools Coated With Diamond Makes Cutting, Drilling And Shaping More Precise And Gives A Smoother Finish.

"Johnstone Diamond Products"

Offers Diamond Blades, Diamond Blades Diamond Blades Diamond Core-Bits Diamond Cup Wheels Diamond Tuck Point Wheels Diamond Grinding Discs Diamond Abrasives Carbide, Core Drill.

"Karat Prazisionswerkzeuge Gmbh"

Karat Produces And Delivers A Complete Line Of Tungsten-Carbide And Diamond Tools For A Great Range Of Industries . Karat Delivers A Complete Line Of Tools For Many Industries, From Woodworking To Aluminium-Industry And Everything In Between. Karat Produces And Delivers A Complete Line Of Diamond Tools: Diamond Drills

"La Mar Diamant (Sea) Pte Ltd"

La Mar Diamant (Sea) Pte Ltd Are Manufacturers Who Offer All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Metal Bonded Diamond Core Drills, Metal Bonded Diamond Saws, Granite Drills, Etc .,

"Lapcraft, Inc."

Lapcraft, Inc. Are Manufacturers And Exporters Of All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Core Drills, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Lapping Discs, Etc.,

"Lasco Diamond Products"

Lasco Diamond Products Has Manufactured Quality Diamond Bits In The Usa For Over 30 Years. At Lasco, We Strive To Bring You The Best Quality Diamond Bits Available. Our Product Core Drill : Lasco`S Core Drills Are Coated With 100% Natural Diamond.

"Lee Yeong Industrial Co.,Ltd."

"Diamond Core Drill -- 4""/120mm Diamond Core Drill. Can Drill At Any Angle From 0 To 45 Degrees. Can Be Anchored For Use With Up To 120mm Bits. High Output Motor For Faster Drilling. Top Quality Ball Bearing Construction For Long Tool Life .Amny More Models Of Core Drills Are Also Avaliable."

"Lombardo Diamond Core Drilling, Inc."

"Our Professional Services Include Concrete Diamond Core Drilling; Slab, Wall And Wire Sawing; And Concrete Breaking And Removal"

"M.D.T Industrial Diamonds Inc."

M.D.T Industrial Diamonds Inc. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Diamond Core Drills For Marble Stone And Composite Materials, Diamond Coated Core Drills For Glass, Hand Files, Grinding Wheels, Etc .,

"Micro Diamond Tools Limited"

Offers Wet Cutting Core Drills , Wet Cutting Profile Wheels ,Dry Cutting Diamond Blades ,Wet Cutting Grooving Wheels, Cup Grinding Wheels & Frankfurt Inserts .

"National Diamond Labs,"

Superior Bonding Of Metal Powders To Diamond, Thus Providing A Superior Diamond Core Drill,

"Ned Corporation"

The Different Varieties Of Drills Are 2001 Drill Rig -- Rugged, General-Purpose Concrete And Masonry Drill, 3001 Drill Rig -- Extra Heavy-Duty Drill For Wet Drilling, 4001 Hand-Held Core Drill Powerful, Fast, And Efficient Hand Held Drill For Many Applications, 5001-2 Hand Held Pneumatic Core Drill The Most Powerful Hand Held Drill, 5001-3 Rig Mounted Pneumatic Core Drill More Power, More Depth, More.

"Nicolai Diamant"

The Different Varieties Of Diamond Tools Are Diamond Drill Bits And Core Drills, Diamond Grinding And Calibrating Cup Weels, Calibrating Diamond Roller, Etc And Many More.

"Precision Diamond Tools - SMART CUT(tm) technology"

LEADER in Diamond Slicing, Dicing, Drilling, & Accessories. Developed SMART CUT technology, advanced technology that redefines the standard in cutting and drilling. Manufacture Metal Bond & HYBRID Bond Precision Diamond Products. Offer largest inventory & most competitive pricing in the U.S.

"Precorp, Inc."

Precorp Was Founded In 1986 To Manufacture Pcd Drills Using A New Patented Vein Process. These Drills Found Success In The Aerospace Industry Drilling Precision Fastener Holes In Reinforced Carbon Fiber Composites. Over The Years We Have Added New Pcd Cutting Tools And Markets Expanding Our Pcd Tool Offerings To Reamers, End Mills, Spot Facers, Multi-Diameter Coolant Tools, And Form Tools.


We Offer 40+ Years Experience In The Diamond Tool Industry. Unique Diamond Applications Are Our Specialty. Core Drill Machines : Cdm-250 Work Horse .

"Ruihong Superhard Material Tools Co., Ltd"

Diamond Core Drill: Diamond Core Drill Is Used In Fast Drilling Of Reinforced Concrete, Concrete And Various Stone Materials.


"Sonmak Offers A Wide Range Of High Quality Electroplated Diamond Tools For Stone, Glass, Plastics And Ceramic Processing Such As;Cutting Discs, Profile Wheels, Grinding Discs And Tips, Core Drills. Etc And Many More."


"Sp3 Also Offers Spotting Drills,Center Drills, And Routers. Sp3 Drills Are Industry-Standard 2-Flute Spiral, With 118° Four-Facet Point. Drills Are Available In Over 150 Diameters From Size 70 (.028"") To 1/2-Inch Covering Standard Fractional, Number And Letter Sizes, And Metric Sizes From 1.0 To 12.5 Mm. Sp3 Will Supply Custom Drills In Diameters From 1/32-Inch To 1/2-Inch (1 Mm To 12.5 Mm) And Lengths To 6 Inches (150 Mm)."

"Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc."

Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc. Is A Wholesale And Retail Distributor Of Tools, Diamond Blades, Core Drills And Abrasive Products And A Full Range Of Hand And Power Tools.

"Star Diamond Tools Inc."

Star Diamond Tools Inc. Offers Diamond Tools Which Include Core Drill, Angle Grinder Blades, Skil Saw Blades, Cut Off Saw Blades, Masonry Saw Blades, Flat Saw Blades,Etc .,

"Starcraft Group"

Starcraft Group Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Core Drill Bit, Diamond Polishing Disc , Diamond Grinders, Diamond Core Bit, Diamond Cutting Discs - Laser Welded, Diamond Tuck Point Blade, Etc .,

"Taiwan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd."

Taiwan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. (Tdc), Founded In 1968, Is The Largest Diamond Tools Manufacturer In Taiwan, As An Iso 9002 Certified Company, We Manufactures A Wide Variety Of High-Quality Products Which Include Diamond Core Drills, Circular Saws, Drawing Dies, Diamond/Cbn Grinding Wheels Of Various Bonds, Dressers, Electroplated Tools, Pcd/Pcbn Tools, And So On.


LEADER in Drilling. Manufacture & stock over 40 sizes of diamond core drills, diamond core bits, thin wall core drills in inches and millimeters. 6 models of water swivel adapters for any machinery & Drilling accessories. First company to develop SMART CUT technology, advanced technology that redefines the standard in drilling.

"Trimain Ltd"

Trimain Ltd Manufacture A Range Of Professional Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Core Drills And Diamond Cup Wheels For Use In The Building And Construction Industry For Cutting A Variety Of Materials Such As Concrete Products, Pipes, Asphalt, Bricks, Slabs, Roof Tiles, Stone, Marble, Granite Etc.

"U.S. Avionics, Inc./ S.A.L.T. Superabrasives Lab"

We Manufacture High Quality Diamond Or Cbn Plated Tooling And Parts For Metalworking, Medical And Aircraft Engine Industries. Diamond Or Cbn Tools: Jig Grinding Mandrels, Grinding Tools , High Speed Milling, Grinding Tools Etc, Barrel Laps, Blind Hole Laps, Internal Laps Etc, Reamers, Countersinks & Angled Spindles, Miniature (Micro) Drills, Twist Drills, Core Drills, Hand Files, Needle Files, Riffler Files, Grinding Wheels, Sawblades, Diamond Point Dressing Tools.

"United Tool And Fastener, Inc."

Offers Diamond Core Bits Core Drilling Equipment Core Bit Extensions Re-Tip Exchange Program Wet & Dry Diamond Blades

"Wuxi Universal Diamond Tools Co. Ltd.,"

Offers Diamond Core Drilling Bits, Metal-Bonded And Resin-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels,Geological Diamond Drilling Bits And Reaming Shells, Segmented And Notched Rim Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Dressing Wheels, Diamond Abrasive Wheels, Diamond Grinding Bars And Discs, Etc.

"Xcalibre Equipment Ltd."

Xcalibre Equipment Ltd. Are Manufacturers Of Diamond Tools Which Include Hydraulic Hand Held Core Drill, Diamond Drilling Rigs, Diamond Coring Trailers, Etc .,

"Zhijie Stone Products Industrial & Commercial Co., Ltd."

Offers Diamond Core Drill, Multi-Blade, Diamond Single Blade, Diamond Grinding Polisher, Special-Shaped Cutter, Diamond Grinding Wheel.

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