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"Tool Planet"
Tool Planet sells over 5000 tools including diamond blades, core bits, grinding wheels, power tools, hand tools, air tools, automotive tools and generators for contractors and homeowners.

"A-1 Wheels & Tools Of Mn, Inc."

A-1 Wheels & Tools Of Mn, Inc. Offers Diamond Saw Blades, Hole Saws, Diamond Dressing Tools, Diamond & Cbn Products, Diamond & Cbn Wheels, Grinding Wheels, Hones, Keyseat Cutters, Etc .,

"Abc Saw & Tool Sharpening"

Abc Saw & Tool Sharpening Offers Bandsaw Blades,Shaper Heads Carbide Saw Blades, Hole Saws, Boring Bits, Drill Bits, Router Bits, Electric And Hand Tools, Etc .,

"Abrasive And Cutter Technology, Inc."

Offers Superabrasive Diamond And Cbn Products Such As Electro-Plated Diamond Wheels, Resin Bonded Diamond Wheels, Metal Bonded Diamond Wheels, Vitrified Bonded Diamond Wheels, Etc .,

"Abrasive Technology, Inc"

Abrasive Technology Develops, Manufactures And Markets State-Of-The-Art Diamond And Cbn Tooling For Grinding Applications. Saw Blades : Crafted For Trimming And Cutting Fiberglass Or Composite Materials. Types : Regular, Mounted, Jig Saw, Thin Kerf .

"Accumax Engineering Pvt. Ltd."

Emerged As A Specialist In The Development And Manufacture Of Various Types Of Diamond Cutting Tool Saws, Saw Blanks, Knives, Tools, Cutters Etc.

"Ace Cutting Equipment"

Broad Line Of Dry & Wet Diamond Blades & Bits For Green And Cured Concrete, Asphalt, Masonry, Tile, Refractory, And Stone.

"Active Machine & Tool"

We Manufacture, Distribute And Service Any Tooling. Circular Saws -- Diamond, Carbide, Hss .


We Offers A Two Types Of Wet Blades And Dry Blades.Wet Blades Are Cured Concrete Wet Blades,High Performance Cured Concrete,Asphault,Asphalt Over Concrete,Joint Widening And Cleaning,Wall Saw And Handsaw Blades,Random Crack Saw Blades,Bevel Wet Blades,Etc,.Dry Blades Are High Speed Blades,Turbo Blades,Masonry Blades,Segmented Small Blades,Tuck Pointing Blades,Crack Chasers,Tuck Pointing Pins,Concrete, Green Concrete And Asphalt,Tile Blades And Cup Grinders.

"Aj & Building Supply"

Mk Diamond Tile Saw Needs` Diamond Blades For All Your Cutting Needs From Asphalt To Glass. We Have Information & Prices On Our Concrete, Brick & Paver Saws. Same Day Shipping, Next Day Delivery.

"Allbutt Mining Supplies"

The Different Knids Of Blades Avaliable Here Are Laser Welded Diamond Blades, Sintered Diamond Blades, Tuck Point Blades, Turbo Segmented Blades, Granite And Marble Diamond Blades, Etc And Many More.

"Allbutt Mining Supplies"

Allbutt Mining Supplies Is A Young Company (1997) Offers Diamond Blades, Casing Shoe Nq Diamond Imp Bit Bq Impregnated Bit Diamond Reaming Shells

"Alpha Supply, Inc."

Suppliser Of Jewelery & Lapidary Products & Tools Used In These Industry . Our Diamond Blades Includes Taurus Ii, Cuti Pi Scroll Saw, Diamond Saw Blades , Lapidary Saw, Mk Professional Diamond Blades, Diamond Wire Saw - Crystalite, Diamond Saw Blades , Pro-Slicer Diamond Blades.

"American Lapidary Wholesalers"

Saws And Grinders : We Offer The Complete Line Of Lortone Saws And Trim Saws For The Faceter And Cabber Alike . Taurus Ii Diamond Ring Saw , Diamond Band Saw Etc .

"Ameritool, Inc"

These Diamond Saw Blades Are The Largest Selection Of Premium Quality Metal-Bonded Saw Blades Available For Lapidary. Whether You Need A Blade For Precise Trimming Of Precious Gems For Faceting Or For The Slabbing Of Boulders For Bookends Or Large Spheres, Mk Diamond Products Manufactures A Diamond Saw Blade That Will Meet Your Requirements. They Are One Of The Largest Manufacturers Of Diamond Blades In The World.

"Asahi Diamond Industrial Uk Co. Ltd."

Asahi Diamond Industrial Uk Co. Ltd. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Circular Saw Blades,Grinding And Polishing Heads, Milling And Form Wheels, Frame Saw Blades, Etc .,

"Asahidiamond. International Uk. Co Ltd"

The Different Construction Products That Are Avaliable Here Are Circular Saw Blades, Core Drills, Grinding Heads, And Diamond Wire.

"Asm Corp"

Diamond Cutting Blade Are Sintered Diamond Cutting Blades From Dia. 80 Mm To 350 Mm With 5 Types Of Segmented Type, Turbo Type, Continuous Rim Type, Turbo Segmented Type Etc. For Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite, Cement Etc. Use.,Laser Welded Diamond Cutting Blades From Dia. 115 Mm To 600 Mm For Marble, Granite, Brick, Block, Masonry, Concrete, Asphalt, Refractory Etc. Use Etc,.

"B.J. Esberner And Assoc, Inc."

Diamond Tile And Marble Blades, Granite Blades, Diamond Blades, Marble Blades, Brick Blades, Paver Blades, Brick Paver Blades, Porcelain Tile Blades, Super High Rim Blades, Tile Blades, Brick Cutters, Paver Cutters.

"Badger Concrete Cutting & Diamond Supply, Inc"

Badger Concrete Sawing And Cutting Specializes In Wet Diamond Sawing Rough Penetration In Door Cutting,Window Cutting, Floor And Slab Removal, And Interior And Exterior Demolition


Founded By People From The Tile Industry Who Collectively Have More Than 40 Years Experience Buying And Selling Diamond Blades, We Provide Diamond Blades At Greatly Reduced Prices By Taking The Middleman Out Of Your Pocket. Ge Is The Top Quality Diamond Used Today In The Manufacturing Of Diamond Blades. We Use Only Ge Diamonds Of 925 Quality Or Better In All Our Blade Offerings.

"Barrett Diamond Products, Inc."

The Different Varieties Of Wet Cutting Blades Are Concrete Segmented, Asphalt Segmented, Cup Wheels/Tuck Pointing. The Dry Cutting Blades Include Segmented, Turbo, Tile Wet & Dry.

"Barrett Diamond Products, Inc."

It Has Served Industry With A Wide Variety Of Diamond Tipped Cutting, Drilling, Wheel Dressing And Sawing (Blades) Tools For Over 40 Years

"Bc Saw & Tool Inc."

Specializes In The Sale And Service Of Carbide Saws, Routers, Cutters, Bandsaw Blades, Metal Saws, And Custom Cutting Tools

"Beal Enterprises"

A Full Line Manufacturer Of Wuality Metal Bonded Diamond Tools (Blades, Cups, Discs) Diamond Core Drills Diamond Core Rigs Tile Saws

"Beijing Gangyan Diamond Products Company."

The Two Types Of Baldes Are Lw & Lwu -- Manufactured With G.E. Diamonds And A Special Matrix Bond For The Long Life And Fast Cutting Speeds Of Concrete, Masonry, Granite, Marble And Asphalt And Lwd & Lwud - High Performance-Long Life Laser Welded Blades Especially Designed For Abrasive Asphalt With Deep Drop Segments

"Beijing Thc Co., Ltd."

Beijing Thc Specializes In Supplying And Exporting Mechanical Power Transmission Products, Hoists And Jacks, Magnets And Diamond Tools , Water Treatment Chemicals, And Industrial Minerals. Products: Diamond Drill Bits, Core Drills, Reaming Shells, Diamond Saw Blades, Grinding Wheels, Abrasive Wheels .

"Bhm. Com. Sg"

Bhmwheels Presents Its Diamond And Cbn Wheels, Diamond Roller Dresser, Which Are Manufactured To Gives Good Control Over Productivity And Quality Of Components Especially In Mass Production. As Which Result In Substantial Saving On Production Cost.

"Bladehouse Mfg"

We private label high quality saw blades at the lowest cost in the industry. 800-881-1423 your logo or our RAPTORtm. Factory cap. 1 mil pc month. \nBi metal reciprocating saw blades/all sizes

"Blazer Diamond Products, Inc."

Blazer Diamond Products, Inc. Offers Wet Cutting Refractory Blades, Wet Cutting Masonry Blades, Dry Cutting Masonry Blades, Portable High Speed Dry Cutting Blades (12in-16in), High Speed Abrasive Blades, Small Diameter Portable Dry Cutting Blades (4in-10in), Dry Cutting Tuck Point Blades, Dry Cutting Crack Chasing Blades, Etc .,

"Bodi Company, Inc."

Supplies Abrasives And Other Tools To Manufacturers Of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics.We Offers A Router & Hacksaw Blades That Consists Of Carbide Router Bits And Jigsaw And Hacksaw Blades

"Bodi Company,Inc."

We Offers A Circular Saw Blades, Diamond Coated, Sanding Discs, Diamond Mounted Wheels, Saws, Side Spoke, Gulletted, Continuous, Diamond Routers, Band Saws, Bandsaws, Wrap Blades, Drum Sanders, Router Bits, Spindle Arbors, Diamond Coated Holesaws, Diamond Jig Saw Blades

"Braxton-Bragg Corp."

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Blades, Turbo Diamond Blades, Continuous Rim Diamond Blades, Profile Wheel Diamond Blades, Etc .,

"British Telecommunications Ltd"

We Supply Consumable Items That Support Our Equipment Including Collated Nails, Diamond Blades, Drill Bits, Dpc Injection Fluid And Protective Clothing. We Supply Propane In Varying Sizes To Domestic And Commercial Consumers Including Public Houses And Forklift Users.

"Builder Equipment Shop"

Purchase Powertools Diamond Blades Generators And Pumps On Line Using Secure Trading.


Offers Diamond Circular Saw Blades , Grinding Wheels, Diamond Drill Bits, Diamond Wires And Other Diamond Tools.

"C. I. Abrasives"

C. I. Abrasives Manufactures A Complete Line Of Abrasive Products For A Wide Variety Of Applications And Industries. From Fabrication, Foundries And Roll Shops To Construction And Heavy Industrial, Our Abrasive Products Are Well Recognized Around The World For The Performance Advantage They Deliver. Tuck Pointing Blade , Sintered Segmented Saw Blade,Laser Welded Dry Cutting Blade() . Sintered Segmented Saw Blade For Dry Cutting , Diamond Saw Blade For Masonry Saw, Hand Saw And Hand-Held Grinder.

"Cal-Base Industries."

Continuous Rim (Tile) Blades, Turbo Rim Blades, Sintered Welded Segmented Blades - General Purpose, Laser Welded Segmented Blades - General Purpose, Laser Welded Segmented Blades - Brick & Block, Laser Welded Segmented Blades - Cured Concrete, Laser Welded Segmented Blades - Asphalt & Green Concrete, Laser Welded Segmented Blades - Marble, Laser Welded Segmented Blades - Granite, Silent Core Segmented Blades - Marble, Silent Core Segmented Blades - Granite, Laser Turbo Segmented Blades .

"Carbodiam Srl"

A Belgian Manufacturer Of Diamond-Cut Industrial Tools Since 1954. Laser Welded Dry Cut Blades. Wet Cutting Blades For Building And Engineering And For Natural And Aglomerated Stones. Dry And Wet Drilling

"Cdk Stone"

Cdk Stone Has A Full Range Of Diamond Tools For Processing Marble, Granite And Other Stones, Including:Cutting, Drilling Rim Blades For Marble, Ceramics And Glass. Ideal For Tiling. Turbo And Laser Blades For Dry Cutting Granite, Bricks, And Other Hard Stones. Also Available For Concrete And Sandstone.

"Cedima Gmbh"

Diamond Saw Blades For Dry Cutting Of Concrete, Clinker And Bricks Wet Cutting Of Concrete(Joint Cutting Machines), Dry Cutting Of Asphalt, Floor Finish And Lime-Sandstone , Wet Cutting Of Asphalt (Joint Cutting Machines) , Dry Cutting Of General Building Materials , Wet Cutting (Bench Saws), Special Diamond Tools .

"Changshu Light Industry Cutting Tools Mill China"

Circular Saw Blade -- Our Saw Blade Blanks Are Made From High Alloy Premium Steel.With Super Sharpness And High Wear Resistance Of Carbide Tips ,Tct Saw Blade Can Stay Sharp Longer And Reduce Downtime. Tct Circular Saw Blade:Unit Of Length(Mm),Blank Material(65mn) And Common Circular Saw Blade:Unit Of Length(Mm),Material(T8a,65mn)

"Charleston Marble & Granite"

The Different Types Of Games Are Continuous Rim Tile Blades, Asphalt Laser Weld Blades, Laser Weld Granite Blades, Tuck Point Blades, Granite And Marble Blades, Sintered Core Drills,

"Cherokee Diamond Blades--"

We Specialize In A Variety Of Diamond Blades & Tool Accessories, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Skill Saw.

"China Export Bases Development Beijing Corporation,"

Offers Diamond Special Files Diamond Files Grind Wheel Diamond Blade Saw Blade Saw Blade.

"Chungwoo Co., Ltd"

Manufacture Diamond Tools And Abrasives To Blades For Cut, Grind And Polish Stone, Concrete, Asphalt And Other Kinds Of Slab.

"Clappdico Corporation"

Blades: Clappdico Manufactures Both Milling Cutter And Reamer Style Precision Replacement Blades To Fit Most Standard And Special Tooling.

"Concrete Coring Company Of Cincinnati, Inc."

25 Years Experience In Design, Development And Manufacturing Of Diamond Drilling And Sawing Equipment, Including Diamond Bits And Blades

"Concut, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Diamond Blades & Core Bits Quality Products Since 1946. Diamond Blades Core Bits Retips

"Consolidated Diamond"

Manufacture Diamond Tipped Saw Blades And Holds Many Of The Original Patents Relating To The Manufacture Of These Products. Consolidated Manufactured Blades And Related Products For The Construction, Refractory And The Stone Industries Until 1990.

"Contractors Direct"

Contractors Direct Offers Diamond Blades, Tile Cutters/Nippers , Tile Saws/Access. , Masonry Saws , Rebar Cutters/Benders , Etc .,

"Crystalite Corporation"

The Different Varieties Of Discs Are The Standard, Dot Disc, Solid Steel Discs, Ripple Disc, Channel Disc, And Disc Protector.

"Csm Just Abrasives"

Offers Bandsaw Blades, Circular Sawblades, Tct, Diamond Cutting Discs, Jigsaw Blades, Planer Blades, Sabre-Saw Blades, Scrollsaw Blades

"Cushion Cut"

"Cushion Cut Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Products Sold Worldwide ­ Diamond Core Bits, Saw Blades And Diamond Wire; Saws And Equipment ­ For Sawing, Drilling, Grinding And Cutting Concrete, Stone, Pavement, Asphalt, Masonry And Tile."

"Cutting Edge Solutions"

C.E.S. Provides Industrial Quality Diamond Blades, Core Drills, Wheels, And Carving Tools For Lapidary, Glass, Tile, Marble And Granite. These Tools Are Both Standard And Custom Made To Meet The Requirements For Specific Materials And Conditions. We Also Offer Specialized Lapidary Equipment

"Dad`S Rock Shop"

Discount Diamond Saw Blades: These Saw Blades Are Steel Core. The Strength Of Steel Gives You A Thin Kerf ( Thickness Of Cut) So You Waste Less Material With Our Thinnest Blades. The Blades Will Rust If Left Standing In Water For An Extended Period Of Time.

"Daniel Lopacki. Co"

All Of Our Saw Blades Are Steel Core. The Strength Of Steel Gives You A Thin Kerf ( Thickness Of Cut) So You Waste Less Material With Our Thinnest Blades. The Blades Will Rust If Left Standing In Water For An Extended Period Of Time. If You Choose To Leave Your Blades In Water Over Night We Recommend Adding A Rust Inhibitor To Your Water.

"Davis Tool Company"

Davis Tool Comapny Supplies A Comprehensive Range Of Diamond Cutting, Drilling And Grinding Products Which Include Diamond Saw Blades, Wet And Dry Diamond Saw Blades For Concrete, Dry/Wet Diamond Blades For Roofing, Concrete And Masonry, Wet And Dry Diamond Saw Blades For Asphalt, Etc.,

"Defusco Industrial Supply"

Defusco Industrial Supply - Tools For Contractors Builders Saws For Tile, Masonry, Stone, Diamond Blades, Hand Tools, Masonry Tools, Drywall Tools, Cutting Tools, Saw Blades.

"Delaware Diamond Knives"

Delaware Diamond Knives Manufactures Diamond Scalpel Blades For Sale To Surgical Instrument Makers Worldwide

"Dembicon Pty Ltd"

A Diamond Blade Is A Highly Efficient, Amazingly Rugged Cutting Tool Which, When Used Under Proper Conditions, Will Provide The Ultimate In Cutting Performance On A Wide Range Of Materials Of Varying Hardness And Abrasiveness.

"Dia-Cut Tooling"

Dia-Cut Tooling Offers Diamond & Cbn Cutting Tools, Thin Cut-Off Diamond Blades, Gun Drill & Machines, Miniature & Special Cutting Tools, Etc .,

"Dia-Mart Diamond Tools Inc,"

High Speed Blades - Dry, Wet Cut Wet Cut Blades - Cured Concrete Asphalt & Green Concrete, Wet Cut Blades - Cured Concrete, Core Bits - Dry, And Core Bits - Wet Are The Different Products That Are Avaliable Here.

"DiaBoom Diamond Abrasives Inc.,"

diamond tools manufacturer for stone cutting, grinding, polishing. Newly developed; Hercules Blade, Resin Dry Polishing Pad and Metal Polishing Pad. Review at diatools dot net.

"Diacut, Inc"

Diamond Wheels For Cutting Grind Hard, Brittle Material Such As Ceramic, Glass, Quartz, Sapphire, Carbide, Ferrite, Graphite, Etc.

"Diament Ltd."

Diament Ltd. Offers Continuous Rim Diamond Saws For Cutting Crystal And Sodium Glass Tableware, Lighting Glass, As Well As Stone, Ceramics And Refractories.

"Diamond Back Diamond Blades, Inc.,"

Diamond Back Diamond Blades, Are Suppliers Who Carry Circular Saw Blades, High Speed Cutoff Saw Blades, Tile And Masonry Saw Blades, Turbo Style Dry Cut Blades, Segmented Dry Cut Blades, Side Winder Dry Cut Blades, Etc .,

"Diamond Blade Supplies"

Diamond Blade Supplies Offers Premium Quality Diamond Blades At Discount Prices.

"Diamond Blade Warehouse"

The Largest Supplier Of Diamond Saw Blades In The United States. Conceptualized An Idea To Market A Superior Quality Diamond Blade At Prices More Competitive Than Any Other Source

"Diamond Blademan"

Diamond Blademan Supply Diamond Saw Blades, Segmented, Continuous Rim, Turbo Wet And Dry All Materials, Power Cut-Off Saws, Concrete Saws, Bricksaws, Tilesaws And All Types Of Diamond Tools.

"Diamond Boart International Pvt Ltd"

Manufacturers of all kinds of Diamond tools (specialised and standard), CBN, PCD and electroplated tools.

"Diamond Cut"

Diamond Cut Provides Dry/Wet Cutting Blades , Wall Sawing/Wire Sawing , Core Drilling , Etc .,

"Diamond Drilling"

Offers Slab Saws, Diamond Blades, Carbide Bits And Blades, Concrete Anchors, Core Drills And Bits, Drill Bits, Grinding Wheels, Heavy Duty Power Tools And Accessories, Pneumatic Nailers And Staplers, And Much, Much More!!!

"Diamond Equipment & Supply Co."

The Different Diamond Tools That Are Avaliable Here Are Diamond Blades Laser Welded Dry Blades, Diamond Core Bits, Laser Welded Diamond Bits, Concrete Cup Grinders, Turbo Blades/Tile Blades, Tuck Point Blades, Concrete & Masonry Saws, Core Drills, Diamond Chain Saws - Ics, M - K Diamond-Tile Saws, And Many More.

"Diamond Industrial Tool And Fastener"

Offers Diamond Products & Equipment Like Mounted Points Blades Cups & Wheels Core Bits Equipment And More.

"Diamond Industrial Tools (Wa) Pty Ltd"

"Offers Core Saw And Diamond Core Blades Which Is Available In 12"" Or 14"" Diameter And Also Offers Silent Core Blades Which Can Reduce Noise Levels By Up To 20% Over The Standard Blade."

"Diamond Machining Technology, Inc."

Dmt`S First Products Were Diamond Saw Blades, Sanding Discs, And Grinding Wheels Used In The Dimensioned Stone Industry.

"Diamond Masters"

Our Full Range Of Quality Laser Welded Diamond Blades, Wet Cut Core Bits And Dry Cut Core Bits Provide Reliable And Cost Effective Products For All Your Diamond Cutting And Drilling. The Different Varieties Are General Purpose Range, Asphalt And Highly Abrasive Materials, Concrete, Asphalt And Highly Abrasive Materials, Concrete Cutting Range, Granite, Marble And Engineering Bricks, Etc And Many More.

"Diamond Pauber"

The Types Of Diamond Blades Are Diamond Gang And Frame Saw Blades , Special Tools For Shaping, Profiling And Polishing , And Diamond Circular Blades For Marble And Granite .

"Diamond Pauber"

Italian ISO9002 Certified Firm, one of the leading firms in Europe in the production of diamond tools. \nOur production range includes: diamond wires for cutting marbles, stones, concrete and steel, diamond saw blades for all kinds of materials, and all kind of special tools on customers request.

"Diamond Productions Canada Ltd."

Diamond Productions Canada Ltd. Carries A Complete Line Of Products To Process Stone Of All Types, Including Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone, Agglomerate, Etc. Products Include Diamond Tools Used In All Phases Of Stone Processing From Quarrying To Fabrication To Renewal.Products In Granite ,Marble & Stone Category Laser Weld Dry Cutting Granite Blades & Continuous Rim Tile Blades , Granite And Marble Blades Etc .Also Turbo Blades .

"Diamond Products"

The Company`S Product Line Includes Wet And Dry Diamond Blades, Diamond Core Bits And Core Drill Rigs, Along With Concrete, Wire And Masonry Saws.

"Diamond Saw Blades Manufacturer Online Store"

Featuring finest diamond blades, cup grinding wheels, tuckpoint blades, diamond bits, concrete saws, masonry blades, and abrasive cutoff products for construction and industrial sawing, grinding, drilling, dry cutting or wet cutting. Directly from manufacturer with great wholesale price.

"Diamond Saw Works Inc."

As A Truly Independent Manufacturer Of Saw Blade Products For Over Ten Decades, Diamond Saw Works Inc. Has Become A Leader In The Field Of Quality Production Of Blades For Almost Every Conceivable Cutting Application.

"Diamond Service Ltd."

Diamond Service Ltd. Is Your Single Source For Concrete Cutting Supplies. From Our Own Line Of Diamond Blades And Bits To After Hours Service And Repairs, We Have Everything Including Saws, Blades, Motors And All Concrete Cutting Products And Accessories.

"Diamond Supplies Uk Ltd."

Diamond Supplies Uk Ltd Are One Of The Very Few Wholly Uk Owned Manufacturers And Distributors Of Industrial Diamond Tools Used In The Construction And Utility Industries. The Different Products Avaliable Here Are Laser Welded Wet And Dry Cut Blades, Wet And Dry Core Bits, And Many Other Speciality Products.

"Diamond Systems Inc"

The Comapny Provides Both Wet Cutting Baldes And Dry Cutting Blades. Specially Formulated Blades For Various Wet Cutting Applications Ranging From Cured Concrete Through Asphalt To Refractory.Segmented Dry Cutting Diamond Blades For Use With Handheld, High Speed, Gas Powered Saws. Segmented Dry Cutting Blades For Use With Masonry Saws. Colour Coded And User Friendly Quality Products.

"Diamond Tech International"

Diamond Tech International Offers Diamond Laser Band Saws Which Come With Two Long Lasting Seamless Stainless Steel Diamond Blades.

"Diamond Tool Store"

We Offer A Complete Line Of Competitively Priced Diamond Tools For The Marble, Granite, Stone & Construction Industries Including Masonry & Concrete. This Category Includes Turbo Blades, Segmented Blades, Electroplated Blades, Continuous Rim Blades, Tuck Point Blades And Dish Blades.

"Diamond Tools"

Diamond Segment Saw Blades (Wet Cutting) -- Used For The Cutting Of Concrete, Asphalt, Bricks, Blocks, Natural Stone, Granite, Marble, Refractories Etc. Diamond Segment Saw Blades (Dry Cutting) (16 Inch Max Diam) -- Used For The Cutting Of Concrete, Asphalt, Bricks, Blocks, Natural Stone, Granite, Marble, Refractories Etc,.

"Diamond Tools Gmbh"

Laser Turbo Diamond Saw Blade, Dry, Premium Super . Turbo Diamond Saw Blade, Dry, Premium . Turbo Diamond Saw Blade, Dry, Premium Super .

"Diamond Tough Tools, Inc."

Diamond Tough Tools Offer A Wide Variety Of Products To Suit Your Tile Project. The Different Products Avaliable Here Are Diamond Blades Mixing Boxes, Chalks And Markers, Tile Cutters, Drain Equipment, Tile Racks, Saws And Drills, Spacers And Shims, Sponges, Etc And Many More.


Our Diamond Saw Blades And Diamond Core Bits Are Made In Georgia (Usa) And Produced From The Highest Quality Components. There Are Over 3000 Different Diamond Blades On Our Site Providing You With The Widest Choice Of The Highest Quality Blades Available Anywhere.

"Diamondsharp Corporation"

Asphalt And Concrete Saw Blades Concrete-Masonry Coring Drills Ceramic Tile & Glass Saw Blades Precision Core Drills Stone Cutting Blades Pointing Blades High-Speed Saw Blades.


Diatool.Exe Turbo & Tile Blade Induce Clean, Chip Free Cutting. These Blades Can Cut A Wide Variety Of Hard Ceramic Materials, Marble And Granite For Economic Use. There Are 3 Type Of Tile Blades Are Continuous Rim Blade , Turbo Plain Cutter And Turbo Wave Cutter.

"Diatop Sama.Co"

Custom Builds Precision Diamond-Blade Saws, Abrasive Cut`Off Saws, And Carbide`Tip Saws For Steel, Titanium, Stainless And Other Materials.

"Dicing Technology"

The Diamond Abrasive Resinoid Blade Was Developed About 30 Years Ago. At That Time, There Was A Need For A Blade That Would Cut Hard, Brittle And Highly Crystallographic Materials.

"Diewe For Diamond Tools"

In Almost 25 Years Diewe Has Developed To A Leading Supplier Of Diamond Products In Germany And Europe. Our Range Of Products Consists Of A Large Number Of High Quality Professional Diamond Cutting Blades For Hand Held Dry Cutting, For Construction Saws And For Joint Cutters. Core Bits And Segments As Well As Various Accessories Complement Our Range Of Products.

"Direct Diamond Suppliers"

Our Blades Are Supplied From One Of The Largest Diamond Tool Manufacturing Groups In The World. All Blades Uo To And Including 230mm Are Supplied With 22.23mm Bore Except 100mm Blades Which Have A 16mm Bore.

"Dixie Diamond Manufacturing, Inc."

Dixie Diamond Manufacturing, Inc. Are Manufacturers Of Diamond Blades Which Include Masonry Blade, Concrete Blade, Asphalt Blade, Brick Blade, Masonry Blade, Concrete Blade, Asphalt Blade, Brick Blade, Turbo Diamond Saw Blade, Etc .,

"Dk Holding"

These Products Are Used In The Glass Industry. Diana Super Cut Diamond Saw Blades -- For Fast Clean Cutting Of Glass, Sintered Ceramic, Gem Crystal And Similar Materials. Designed To Give A Very Thin Cut. Bandsaws -- D.K. Diamond Coated Bandsaws Are Specially Manufactured To Cut Glass Quickly And Cleanly With A Minimum Amount Of Chipping.

"Double Diamond"

"Offers 4"" Continuous Rim Tile Wet/Dry Blade,4 1/2"" Continuous Rim Tile Wet/Dry Blade, 7"" Continuous Rim Tile Wet/Dry Blade, 4"" Turbo Wet/Dry Blade Concrete, 4 1/2"" Turbo Wet/Dry Blade Concrete, 7"" Turbo Wet/Dry Blade Concrete, 4"" Segmented Wet/Dry Blade, 4 1/2"" Segmented Wet/Dry Blade, 7"" Segmented Wet/Dry Blade , 10"" Continuous Rim Tile Wet Blade , Etc .,"

"Drillco National Group"

The Different Varieties Of Blades Are Sp Premium Series, Ss Supreme Series, Dry Cut Blades For Walk Behind Saws, Brick Block Blades Premium Series, Ts Supreme Series Turbo Blades, Tuck Pointing Blades, Cup Grinders Etc And Many More.

"Duobild Inc."

Offers Hand-Held Sawing Diamond Blades. Application: Wet/Dry Sawing With Hand-Held Grinder, Power Hand Saw, Tile Saw

"Dynacut Inc"

Diamond Saws, Diamond Saw Blades, Abrasive Saw Blades: For Ceramics Cutting, Glass Cutting, Carbide Cutting, And All Hard Materials Cutting, Precision Machine Spindles


The World`S Leader In Diamond Saw Blades, Core Drill Bits, Concrete Saws, Drill Rigs And Equipment.

"Dynatech, Inc."

Offers All Kinds Of Blades Such As High Speed Blades For Hand Held Saws, Masonry Saw Blades,Turbo Style Saw Blades,Crack Chasing V-Shaped Blades, Tile & Stone Blades,Tuckpoint Blades, Etc .,


Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Core Bits And Diamond Cup Wheels. For Asphalt, Concrete Stone, Brick, Block, Refractory, Plus Ceramic And Other Tile

"Edington Sales Company"

Items Like Concrete Saws And Diamond Blades, Diamond Drill Rigs And Bits Are Available For Sale Or Rent.

"Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd."

Our Products : Laser Welded Blade , Turbo / Spiral Blade , Continuous Rim Blade , Sintered Segmented Blade, Tuck Point Blade , Crack Chaser Blade , Concave Blade .

"Elliott Diamond, Inc."

Elliott Diamond High Quality Diamond Saw Blades Offer The Best Value In Concrete, Masonry, And Asphalt Cutting. Extended Blade Life And Fast, Efficient Cutting Action Can Reduce Per-Foot Cost On Every Sawing Job. Elliott Diamond Blades Are Individually Manufactured For Specific Geographic Areas, Types Of Materials To Be Cut, And Saw Ratings

"Equipment Development Company, Inc"

Edco Are Manufacturers Who Offer Small Diameter Dry Blades, Tile And Masonry Blades, High Speed Dry Cutting Blades, Diamond Blade Gauge, Etc.,

"Ernst Winter & Sohn Jena Gmbh"

Winter Tools Are Used For Grinding, Filling, Honing, Dressing And Polishing, For Cutting, Milling And Drilling. Products : Diamond And Cbn Sawblades (Continuous Rim And Segmented) ,Diamond Bandsaws And Wire Saws, Diamond Id Sawblades.

"Euro Abrasives"

Offers Diamond Blades For Brick, Cement Block, Concrete, Marble And Granite Discs Polishing Products - Plateaux ,Cassani, Frankfurt ,Dry Rings.

"Exclusive Diamond Products"

The Company Manufactures The Complete Range Of Electro - Deposited Diamond Tools At A Modern, Well-Equipped Factory Located At Kottur, Madras.We Specialise In Products Used By The Automotive And Machine Tool Industry. Saws For Brake Linings - Our Speciality Ideal For Sawing Tungsten Carbide, Brake Linings, Ferrite Magnets, Quartz, Asbestos, Hard Rubber, Frp, Graphite Carbon, Pcb Etc.


Offers All Kinds Of Wet Blades And Dry Blades, Sanders Saws - Patented Sits-Rst® System, Diamond Bits, Etc .,

"Felker Tile Saws. Com"

Supplier Of Tile Tools And Cutters, Diamond Blades, Wet Saws, Trowels, Power And Stone And Source For Low Cost And Great Service On Felker Tile And Masonry Saws, Diamond Blades, Parts, And More

"Fengtai Diamond Tool Manufacture Co.,Ltd"

Danyang Fengtai Diamond Tool Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Is Specialized In The Production Of A Series Of Diamond Tools. Our Main Products Include: Cold Press Sintered Blazed Blade,Hot Press Sintered Blade, Laser Welded Blade And Brazed. And Our Mpa Certificate Guarantees The Quality Of Each Product.Tuck Pointing Blade, Sintered Segmented Blade.

"Fisa S.R.L."

Fisa Tools Range Includes: Diamond: Disks, Blades, Wire, Drill Bits, Grinding Wheels, Calibrators. Epoxy, Glue, Mastics Resins. Polishing Powders And Felts . Waxes , Protection Chemicals For Stones .

"Fletcher Machine Inc."

Our Complete Diamond Tooling Range Includes Cutter Heads, Saw Blades, Router Bits, And T-Slot Cutters. We Specialise In Only Diamond Tooling And Can Bring Any Brand Of Diamond Tooling To Fletchers Exacting Standards.

"Fujian Nanan Xinhua Diamond Tool Co.,Ltd"

Our Company Is A Professional Super Hardstuff Tool Manufacturer That Combinese Scientific Reserch, Manufacturing And Sales Into An Organic Whole. It Has Imported West European Formula And Techniques And Developed International Pioneering Formula For A Three-Sectioned Sandwich Diamond Sawheads (800mm-2200mm) Which Are Suitable For Processing And Cutting Granite, Marble, Concrete, Asphalt, Ceramics, Glass, Refactory Materials . Products : Diamond Circular Sawblades .

"G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd"

Diamond Saw Blade Offers A K Type`Narrow Key Hole Slots And W Type` Wide U Slots.K Type`Narrow Key Hole Slots Is Suit For Edges Cutting Of Slates, To Reduce The Chipping At Corners Or Edges Of Work-Piece. Usually, Applied On Saw Dlades Of Smaller Diameter.W Type`Wide U Slots Is Suit For Cutting The Blocks Or Deep Cutting Operations.

"Gang Yan Diamond Products"

Largest Manufacturer Of Diamond Saw Blades In China. Major Supplier To Many Of The Largest Manufacturers And Distributors In Europe And America.

"General Tool, Inc."

General Tool, Inc. Is A Family Owned And Operated Diamond Blade And Core Bit Manufacturing Company. We Are Located In California

"Gladu Tools, Inc."

Gladu Tools, Inc. Is North America`S Leading Manufacturer Of Diamond And Carbide Insert Tooling And The Driving Force Behind Nearly Every Significant Advancement In Cutting Tool Technology For Woodworking Productivity. Products Include Saw Blades .

"Granite City Tool Co. Of Vermont"

Granite City Tool Co. Of Vermont Sell Diamond: Blades, Routers, Profile Points, Profile Wheels, Wire, Segments, Core Drill Bits, Polishing Disc, Files, Grinding Wheels, Etc.

"Great Star Diamond Tools Co,. Ltd"

Diamond Saw Blades -- Diamond Saw Blades Can Be Used For Cutting Wide Range Of Stone Other Constructional Material Such As Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tiles And Concrete According To The Workpiece Material, They Are Sorted As Marble Cutting Blade, Granite Cutting Blade And Concrete Cutting Blade Etc. Size Range: Diameter: 80-3000mm Segment Width :1.4-12mm And Hole: 16-120mm.

"Guhdo-Usa Inc."

Circular Saw Blades`Hoggers We Manufacture Sawblades For Panel Saws, Sliding Table Saws, Rip Saws, Table Saws And Any Other Saws Accepting Blades Up To A Maximum Diameter Of 700mm. Our Saw Blades Are Developed To Provide Optimum Performance And We Have A Wide Assortment To Cut Anything From Hardwoods, Softwoods, Laminated Composite Boards, Many Man-Made Products, Including Solid Surface Materials To Plastics And Non-Ferrous Materials.

"Guhdo-Usa Inc."

Circular Saw Blades/Hoggers We Manufacture Sawblades For Panel Saws, Sliding Table Saws, Rip Saws, Table Saws And Any Other Saws Accepting Blades Up To A Maximum Diameter Of 700mm. Our Saw Blades Are Developed To Provide Optimum Performance And We Have A Wide Assortment To Cut Anything From Hardwoods, Softwoods, Laminated Composite Boards, Many Man-Made Products.

"Hafner And Son Inc."

Hafner And Son Inc. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Blades, Abrasive Blades, Drills, Saws, Flat Sawing, Wall Sawing, Etc .,

"Hamilton Lichfield"

Hamilton Lichfield Manufacture The Highest Quality Diamond & Super Abrasive Tooling. The Company Offers A Full Bespoke Design And Tool Proving Service. Natural Diamond Tools: Precision Blade Tools

"Hangzhou Ctc Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd."

The Leading Diamond Saw Blade Manufacture In China. Hangzhou Ctc Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Is Well-Known For It`S Modern Equipment, Advanced Technology And Super Quality Products. Products : Laser-Welded Diamond Blade , High-Frequency Welded Diamond Blade Segmented Saw Blade , Continuous Rim Saw Blade , Dry Cutting Turbo Blade , Wet Cutting Turbo Blade , Wet Cutting Spiral Turbo Blade , Turbo Saw Blades With Wave Core (Super Turbo Blades, Super Dry-Cutting Blades) .

"Hangzhou Easy Metals & Tools Co., Ltd."

Diamond Saw Blades Dry Type Grade A, B, C, D, Turbo Type, Turbo Wave Type, Turbo Usa Type, Laser Welded Blades, Tuck Point Diamond Blades Etc And Many More Are The Different Varieties Of Diamond Blades Avaliable Here.

"Hansol Industrial Diamond Co."

Turbo Blade - High Quality, General Purpose, Construction And Natural Stone In Dry And Wet Cutting.Application Includes Cured Concrete, Granite, Marble, Asphalt Ceramic Tile , Roof Tile Quarry Tile , Brick, Block Terrazzo .

"Haris Division"

"Diamond Tools For Stone And Building Industry; Segments For Diamond Wire Saw, Segmental Saw Blades For Cutting Of Granite, Marble, Other Natur And Man-Made Building Materials, Diamond Heads For Flat Surface Treatment."


As A Specialist In Carbide Tools, Hawera Has Many Years Of Know-How And Experience With Circular Saw Blades. Hawera Offers A Wide Range Of Circular Saw Blades Geared To A Variety Of Practical Applications.

"Hazelaar Art Supplies"

Diamond Tools That Are Avaliable Here Are Drills, Files, Grinding Discs, Handpads And -Laps, Polishing Blades, Saw Blades, And Whetstones.

"High Performance Diamond Technology Ltd"

Asphalt Diamond Blades Lazer Tough! Call Diamond Blademan Now! Free Technical Assistance,Free Articles,Free Newsletter,New Cutting Forum

"Hilti International"

Offers D-Lp 30/Ds-Ts 30 Diamond Sawing Equipment - Saw Blades Up To 1600 Mm Diameter , Ds-Ts5-E Electric Wall Saw - Ds-Ts5-E Electric Wall Saw.

"Holer Industrial Diamond Products Ltd"

Holer Industrial Diamond Products Supplies And Manufactures Any Required Diamond Core Drill Size And Dimension. Diamond Wall Saw Blades Up To 2200mm In Diameter Can Be Made To Cut The Required Aggregate.

"Hongia Industry Co., Ltd."

Hongia Industry Co., Ltd.Offers A Diamond Saw Blades,Handy Diamond Saws,Diamond Grinding Discs ,Diamond Frame Saw Blades & Metal Bonded Diamond Mounted Saws,Diamond Core Drills & Profile Grinding Wheels , Reference Drawing Of Various Bonding & Plating Items

"Hoskin Diamond Products Pty Ltd"

Diamond Tools And Associated Equipment For Australia`S Stone, Construction And Related Industries. Diamond Saw Blades Core Bits Tools And Accessories In Australia

"Huanchang Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co, Ltd,."

The Sintered Diamond Saw Blades As The Main Products Are Manufactured On A Large Scale, With An Annual Output Of 6 Million Pieces, 95% Of Which Are Exported To Germany, France, U.K., Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Australia, U.S.A., Brazil, Middle-East, Southeast Asia And Some Others Countries And Areas.

"Huddy (Pty) Ltd."

Huddy Makes A Full Range Of Tooling For Stone Tile Production Including Multiblades For Block Sawing, Horizontal And Cross Cut Blades, Wheels And Shoes For Calibrating And Diamond Shoes For Grinding And Polishing. Products Can Be Manufactured To Suit A Wide Range Of Stone Types And Processing Conditions.

"Hyosung Diamond Ind., Co., Ltd."

Hyosung Diamond Is A Korean Company Who Offers Diamond Cutters, Saw Blades, Core Drill, Wire Saw, Grinding Cup Wheel.

"Hyosung Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd."

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Which Include Saw Blade, Wire Saw, Core Drill , Cutter, Grinding Cup Wheels , Etc .,


Indiam Are Manufacturers Of Diamond Tools Such As Blades, Discs, Calibrators, Core Drills Bits And Much More.

"Industrial Tools Inc"

Industrial Tools Inc. Provides Resin & Metal Bond Diamond Blades Engineered For Your Application And Equipment.

"Industrial Tools Inc."

Resin & Metal Bond Diamond Blades Is A Applications Is Used For Precision Singulating, Slicing, Dicing, And Slotting.We Offers A Bga, Csp, And Other Chip Carrier Packages,Discrete Electronic Components, Such As Mlcc,Thin`Film Disk Drive Heads,Ceramic, Glass, Pzt,Hardened Steels And Printed Circuit Boards.

"Intech Diamant"

Our Company Specializes In The Field Of Manufacturing Synthetic Diamond Powders And Diamond Tools For Organic And Metal Bond, Using Original Technologies Developed By The Experts Of Our Company. We Have Economic Growth During Last Several Years And We Have Changed Structure Of Company In 1998. We Also Make Diamond Drinding And Polishing Wheels, Saw, Peripheral Saw Cutting Circles And Wheels .


We are a leader company in diamond tools production for every kind of stone, concrete, asphalt and ceramic.

"Jade Drive Rock Shop"

Supplies Including Tumblers, Rotary As Well As Ultra Sonic And Vibrator, Trim And Slab Saws, Faceting Machines, Grit And Polish, Books, Tools, Diamond Saw Blades, Soapstone, And All Other Lapidary Items.


We are a manufacturer of various diamond tools for ceramic ,stone and construction materials .

"JL Vincent Industries SA"

French manufacturer and designer of special diamond tools on request for all industries : marble, stone, granite...mechanical, nuclear, oilfield industries, . \nSpecial consultant department for develop new technologies based on superabrasives.

"Johnstone Diamond Products"

Offers Diamond Blades, Diamond Blades Diamond Blades Diamond Core-Bits Diamond Cup Wheels Diamond Tuck Point Wheels Diamond Grinding Discs Diamond Abrasives Carbide Drill.

"Js International"

There Are Three Types Of Blades Diamond Cutting Blade --1, Diamond Cutting Blade --2, Diamond Cutting Blade --3. Application: For Cutting Marble, Granite, Asphalt/Concrete Road, Glass, Ceram, Porcelain Etc.

"Karat Prazisionswerkzeuge Gmbh"

Karat Produces And Delivers A Complete Line Of Tungsten-Carbide And Diamond Tools For A Great Range Of Industries . Karat Delivers A Complete Line Of Tools For Many Industries, From Woodworking To Aluminium-Industry And Everything In Between. Karat Produces And Delivers A Complete Line Of Diamond Tools: Diamond Sawblades

"Karl W. Richter"

"20 Different Diamond Points, One Diamond Cutting Disc And One 3/32"" Mandrel. Any Item Can Also Be Purchased Separately."

"Khk Diamond Products, Inc."

Khk General Purpose Blades Have Achieved Outstanding Performance Success On A Wide Variety Of Cutting Applications. Some Applications For Khk General Purpose Blades Are Cutting Cured Concrete, Masonry, Block, Brick, Hard Stone, Granite, Marble, Etc.


Diamond Cutting Blades: Klingspor Diamond Cutting Blades Stand Out For Their Short Cutting Times, Long Life And Clean Cutting Faces. The Wide Product Range Offers Both Sintered And Laser-Welded Cutting Blades To Be Used For The Different Materials. The Diamond Cutting Blades Are The Logical Supplement To The Tried-And-Tested Programme Of Kronenflex Grinding Discs And Cutting-Off Wheels.

"Korit Sales Co., Inc."

Offers Ultra Gp 2000 Super Premium Diamond Blade (Dry Cut) Best For Cured Concrete, Brick And Block. For High Speed Saws, Masonry Saws And Walk Behind Saws

"Korit Sales Inc."

All-Purpose General Cutting Laser-Weld Dry-Cut Diamond Blades Available.

"Krebs & Riedel"

Krebs & Riedel Is One Of The Leading German Manufacturers Of Conventional Grinding Wheels And Segments In Vitrified And Resinoid Bond, Cbn And Diamond Tools In Vitrified Bond, Diamond Tools For The Natural Stone And Construction Industries, As Well As Grinding And Cut-Off Machines. Product: Diamond Saw Blades For Marble , Diamond Saw Blades For Granite , Diamond Saw Blades For Sandstone .

"Kulkarni Traders"

Manufacturer Of Industrial Diamonds & Diamond Cutting Tools . . We Manufacture: Blade Type & Other Diamond Tools .

"Kumha Tools Ind. Manufacturer"

Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades -- It Is Important For Good Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade User`S Selecting The Suitable Types Of Blades For Each Purpose. And It Is Recommendable For User To Order The Saw Blades After He Consults With Specialists Of Kumha Because The Uniqueness Of The Materials To Be Cut. The Angles Of Belly, Side And Edge Of Each Blade May Be Varied By The Nature Of The Materials To Be Cut.

"Kumha Tools Ind. Manufacturer"

Kumha Tools Ind. Manufacturer Are The Manufactures Of Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades -- It Is Important For Good Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade User`S Selecting The Suitable Types Of Blades For Each Purpose.

"La Mar Diamant (Sea) Pte Ltd"

La Mar Diamant (Sea) Pte Ltd Is One Of The World`S Leading Granite And Stone Producers. We Offer A Full Range Of Services Covering Every Aspect Of Stone Production And Application. We Also Make Metal Bonded Diamond Saws .

"Lach Diamant, Jakob Lach Gmbh & Co.Kg,"

We Offer Diamond Tools Such As Scoring Tools, Saws, Hogging Heads, Jointing Cutters, Groove Cutters And Profile Cutters, As Well As The Disposable Dia-Economic Program For The Wood And Plastic Industry.

"Langford Tool & Drill"

Offers Our Own Line Of Diama-Cut® Diamond Blades And Core Bits For Every Application - Sawing Or Drilling Steel Reinforced Concrete, Block, Brick, And Asphalt.

"Lapcraft, Inc"

Lapcraft`S Dia`Laser Plated Diamond Circular Saw Blades Are Essential When Cutting Precious Materials. They Are Available In Ultra`Thin Thicknesses Which Slice With Minimal Material Loss. Dia`Laser`S Unique Cutting Teeth Are Premium, Multi`Pointed Diamond Crystals Chosen For Their Strength And Sharpness.

"Laser Technology West"

"Laser Technology West Is The Worlds Largest And Oldest Manufacturer Of Diamond Wire And Diamond Wire Saws, With Over 38 Years Experience. We Make Diamond Wire From .005"" To .020"" Diameter. Laser Technology West Has An Extensive Team Of Design, Electrical And Software Engineers To Accomodate A Broad Range Of Applications And Needs."

"Leuco Australia Pty Ltd"

Leuco Was The First Tool Manufacturer To Start Developing Polycrystaline Diamond Tools For The Woodworking And Plastics Industry. Leuco Diamond Saws For Scribing, Cutting, Grooving And Saws For Special Demands

"Longer Diamond Tools"

The Ssg Series Is Ideal For Fast Cutting Of Masonry And Construction Materials Such As Ceramic, Brick And Refractory, As Well As Heavy Duty Cutting Of Concrete And Stone. Use Wet Or Dry On Small Diameters And Wet On Large Diameters


Diamond Blades & Accessories -- Increase Overall Saw Performance With Lortone`S New Exptm Smooth-Cut Diamond Blades. Improved Cutting Edge Geometry Delivers Coolant Deep Into The Cut And Reduces Blade Damaging Heat-Buildup Better Than Previous Rim Designs. You Get Smoother Finishes And Consistently Flatter Cuts Through The Use Of Sturdy Tempered Cores With Precision Ground Rims. Made In The Usa.

"Lyng Diamond Tools"

Saw Blade Are Segmented Wide Slots,Segmented Narrow Slots,Laser Superior,Turbo Superior,Laser Extreme And Continous Rim.Dry Cutting Blade Can Be Used Either With Cooling Water Or Without Cooling Water, As The Job Requires Or Equipment Allows.

"Lyng Diamond Tools"

Lyng Diamond Tools As Is The First And Only Company Worldwide To Manufacture, Market And Selling Industrial Saw Blades Based On The Electro-Casting Technology.

"M/S Jewels & Tools"

Diamond Thin Saw Blades Are Available In Two Metals I.E Steel And Copper.These Diamond Blades Are Suitable For Cutting All Types Of Precious Or Semi`Precious Stones. These Are Available In Various Sizes & In Metal Like Steel And Copper.These Saw Blades Give The Best Efficiency And Better Cutting Life Than Similar Other Saw Blades

"Mac Vanpelt Sales Associates"

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Products Which Include General Purpose Turbo Blades, Tuck Point Blades, Granite Sawing Blades, Granite Turbo Blades,Laser Welded For High Speed Saws,Laser Welded For Hand Held Saws,Marble Sawing Blades, Laser Welded For Masonry Saws, Super Wave Turbo Blades, Continuous Rim Tile Saw Blades, Etc .,

"Marena Industries"

"We Have The Largest Way & Angle Surface Grinder In The East! Specializing In Surface Grinding Aluminum Up To 84"" Wide X 200"" Length. We Also Mfg P.C.D. Diamond And Carbide Blades For All Centerless Grinders. Lapping And Carrier Plates, Cylindrical Gages, Grinding Wheels And Diamond Wheels."

"Master Wholesale Inc"

Offers Diamond Blades, Diamond Hole Saws & Core Bit For Cutting Of Marble, Granite, Tile, Stone, Slab, And More.

"Master Wholesale, Inc."

Master Wholesale, Inc. Offers Diamond Blades & Tuck Point Blades , Diamond Grinding Cups, Diamond Hole Saw & Core Bits, Etc .,

"Master Wholesale, Inc."

Master Wholesale, Inc. Offers Diamond Hole Saws And Core Bits , Masonry Saws, Block Saws, And Brick Saws, Masonry Diamond Blades, Diamond Hole Saws, Diamond Hole Bits,Granite Core Bits, Etc .,

"Merlin Stelzer Sales Company, Inc."

"We Are The Diamond Experts In Tile Saws ,Brick Saws ,Hand Held Core Drills,Specialty Marble, Granite, & Stone Working Tools, Diamond Saw Blades ,Diamond Core Bits,""Cup"" Grinding Wheels, Core Drill Rigs ,Diamond Chain Saws,Pavement Saws ,Power Cutters And Custom Bits & Blades."

"Metal China Imp. & Exp. Corp."

Offers Diamond Tools Which Include Honing Tools, Grinding Discs, Cutting Blades, Needle Files, Chain-Saw Etc.

"Micro Daimond Tools"

We Stock A Full Range Of Dry Cutting Blades Of All Diameters. Available Segmented To Continuous Rim, Turbo Ventilated Etc., Covering A Wide Range Of Materials. For Use With Floor Saws, Ceramic Tile Cutters, Roof Tile Cutters, Masonry Bench Saws, Angle Grinders, Wall Chasers Etc.

"Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation"

Product Line Includes Sawzall Blades, Jig Saw Blades, Band Saw Blades, Circular Saw Blades, Hole Saws, Twist Drills, Selfeed Wood Boring Bits, Diamond Blades And Core Bits,Etc .,

"Misung Corporation"

Manufacturer & Supplier Of Various Diamond Tools Like Diamond Saw Blade, Diamond Core Drill Bits , Diamond Turbo Blade, Grinding Cup Wheels & Other Diamond Tools .

"Mk Diamond Products, Inc."

Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Wet Cutting Continuous Rim Blades, Wet Cutting Segmented Rim Blades , Lapidary Blades , Dry Continuous Rim Blades , High Speed Blades , Masonry Blades , Tile Saws , Masonry Saws , Etc.,

"Mm&S Diamond Product"

Mm&S Diamond Offers A Combination Of The Best Value You Can Get In A Diamond Product By Assembling Blades And Cup Wheels From The Best Importers And Domestic Manufacturers. We Want To Help You Get As Much Life As Possible Out Of Your Diamond Products.

"Msi Automation Inc."

Specializes In Broad Range Of Induction Heating Equipment. Includes Automated Saw Blade Brazing Machines And Equipment For Handheld Applications. Site Includes Photos, Technical Details, And Examples Of Products In Use.

"National Diamond"

We Offer Our Blades Segmented Wheels,Turbo Wheels,Turbo-Segmented,Cup Wheels,Tuckpointers,Crack Chasers,Walk`Bhehind Wheels,Core Bits,Tile Wheels,Marble And Granite Wheels.National Diamond`S Ginsu Star Offers Lightning Fast Speed Of Cut On Brick, Clay Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Heavy Weight Block And Cured Concrete With A Life That`S Second To None` When You Need The Best, Reach Out For The Ginsu Star And Make Your Life Easier Today.

"Nbmc`S Internet Shopping Mall"

Partner Industrial Products Cut-Off Saws Diamond Cutting Blades Tarpauline, Tarps, Bungee & Canopy Tarp Accessories.

"Ned Corporation"

The Leading Us-Owned Manufacturer Of Quality Diamond Blades, Bits, Drills And Concrete And Masonry Saws

"Niabraze Corporation"

Niabraze Offers You The Highest Quality, Diamond Plated Saw Band On The Market Today, At An Affordable Price. With Only The Highest Grade Virgin Diamonds, Electroplated Onto The Edge, Niabrazes Band Can Offer You Precise Cutting, Minimal Material Loss, And A Reduction In Band Replacement Costs. Bands Are Available For Use On All Standard And Vertical Contour Band Saws.

"Niche Kenma Co., Ltd."

Oem Supplier And Exporter Of China Granite And Marble, Diamond Cutter And Segments, Natural Stone, Abrasives, Polishing, Stone Care Product. These Include Abrasives, Polishing, Diamond Tools And Stone Care Products. We Cooperate With Our Neighbor Area But Especially Italy And Spain In Europe And Japan. Our Products : Circular Saw For Granite-Turbo Rim .

"Nicolai Diamant"

The Different Types Of Diamond Cutting Tools Avaliable Here Are Diamond Discs -- For One-Blade Machines, For Block-Cutting Machines, Diamond Blades -- Segment Dimensions, Steel Dimensions, Grips, Diamond Wire -- Plasticized Sinterized,Traditional Electroplated.

"North American Products Corp."

Simple & Compound Miter Cut Saw Blades : Cutting Miters With Precision And Accuracy Is Not Easily Accomplished By Using Stock Saw Blades. North American Produces A Variety Of Tooth Styles To Facilitate Accurate Cuts With Excellent Finished Edges. Also Standard Crosscut Saw Blades, Standard Rip Cut Saw Blades, Standard Saw Blades For Man-Made Material .

"Norton Abrasives"

Norton Abrasives Are Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Blades, Diamond Wheels / Blades, Diamond Discs, Grinding Wheels , Etc .,

"Norton S.A."

Offers A Wide-Range Of Diamond Blades, Corebits And Special Tools For Dry Or Wet Cutting.

"Ns Diamond"

Ns Diamond Is One Of Experienced & Leading Diamond Tool Manufacturers In Korea. We Are Seeking For Importers, Distributors, Wholesaler And Retailers World-Wide. Our Products Include Up To 60 Different Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Continuous Rim Cutter, Turbo Blade, Sintered Segment Saw, Laser Welded Saw Blade, Etc.

"Nycl Diamond Division"

Nycl Diamond Division Manufactures And Distributes Variety Of Top Quality Diamond Products To Include Diamond Saw Blades (Laser Welded, Sintered, Continuous Rim, Turbo, Cup Grinding Wheels, Polishing Pads, And Core Bits For Concrete, Masonry, And Stone Industries.

"Partner Usa"

Welcome To Partner Industrial Products. We Produce The Market`S Most Extensive Range Of Cut-Off Saws For Cutting Applications In Virtually Any Material And In Any Environment. The Partner Line Of The Powercut Diamond Blades For Dry And Wet Cutting Applications Expands The Versatility Of These Saws.

"Patriot Diamond"

American Made Diamond Blades And Core Bits. Patriot Diamond Is The World`S Leader In Sales Of All Major Brands Of Tile Saws And Tile Blades, Including Mk Diamond Products, Felker, Alpha Professional Tools, Q.E.P., Pearl, Target And Lazer Sharp.

"Patriot Diamond Inc."

Our Goal Is To Provide Superior Quality Diamond Blades And Core Bits, Made In The Usa, For Your Business. The Different Varieties Are Dry Asphalt Over Concrete, Dry Asphalt, And Asphalt Over Concrete.

"Patriot Diamond, Inc."

Patriot Diamond, Inc. Are Manufacturer Of Diamond Blades And Core Bits For Highway, Bridge, Stone, And Mason Construction Industries.

"Power Building Material Industrial Co., Ltd."

Offers Sintered Segment Saw Blades , Tuck Point Blade ,Laser Welded Saw Blade ,Flexible Diamond Discs ,Diamond Drills ,Electroplated Diamond Tools , Etc .,

"Power Diamond Products, Inc."

Pr Diamond Products, Inc. Manufactures And Markets America`S Finest Line Of Diamond Saw Blades. We Have A Complete Line For Asphalt, Block, Brick, Concrete, Stone, Tile And Refractory Materialspr

"Power Diamond Tools"

All Our Blades Are 100% Guaranteed! Look Up Your Application On The Chart Below To Find The Right Diamond Blade For The Job. Use Our Order Form For Shopping.

"Precision Diamond Slicing, Dicing, Wafering Blades with SMART CUT technology"

LEADER in manufacturing Precision Diamond Slicing, Dicing, Wafering Blades & Diamond Drills and Drilling Accessories. For machining ultra hard materials. Manufacture Metal, HYBRID, and electroplated diamond products.

"Primax Diamond Tool, Inc."

Range Of Premium Grade Diamond Tools And Blades For Tile, Granite, Asphalt, Marble, And Reinforced Concrete Cutting. Online Ordering Facility Or Available In Most States Through Authorized Distributors.


We Offer 40+ Years Experience In The Diamond Tool Industry. Unique Diamond Applications Are Our Specialty. Dry Cutting Saw Blades : Prodiamond Turbo Blades , Prodiamond Small Segmented Blades , Prodiamond Large Diameter Dry Cutting Blades , Prodiamond Cured Concrete Blades , Prodiamond Masonry Blades , Asphalt Blades .

"Profast Corporation"

Our Broad Line Of Ja- Cut Diamond Cutting Blades, Is Manufactured For Us In Germany By A Certified Iso 9001 Company. We Offer A Wide Range Of Dry And Wet Cut Blades, Premium-Value-Econo Line Qualities For Each Application, Covering Most Of The Common Needs, Including Marble And Granite Cutting With Silent Blades 60mm.

"Profi-Tech-Diamant Werkzeuge Gmbh"

Diamond Can Core Bits And Saws : We Have Socket-Driller ( Standard , Medium, Abrasiv), Key-Hole Saw , Percussion & Electrician Socket-Driller Combination .

"Protech Diamond Inc."

Offers Dry Cutting Blades Which Do Not Require Water Cooling. The Blades Utilize Airflow Around The Blade To Prevent Excessive Heat Build-Up During Cutting.

"Queenbee Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd."

The Laser Welded Saw Blades Can Be Widely Used For Cutting Many Non-Metal Materials Such As Stones, Concrete, Asphalt, Fire-Resistant Materials, Glass And Ceramics Etc.

"Rapidcut Industries Llc"

Rapidcut Industries Llc Offers A Variety Of Diamond Blades To Fit Your Concrete Cutting Needs Including Green Cut, Cured, And Decorative Concrete Applications.

"Rudrali Exports"

Multi-Layer Blade Type Tools : These Tools Are Recommended For Profile Grinding And Dressing Of An Angle On The Grinding Wheel.Steps On The Grinding Wheel Can Be Made Very Sharp.

"Ruihong Superhard Material Tools Co., Ltd"

Offers Segmented Saw Blade: For Fast Cutting Of Masonry And Construction Materials Such As Ceramic, Brick And Refractory, As Well As Heavy Duty Cutting Of Concrete And Stone. Use Wet Or Dry On Small Diameters And Wet On Large Diameters.

"Ruswest, Inc."

In The Past 12 Months The Diamond Blade Industry [Over $1 Billion A Year] Has Undergone Very Significant Changes. Diamond Blades Are Rapidly Becoming Consumer Items And Are Readily Available And Consumed By Contractors, Landscapers, Utility Workers And Other Customers Of Lumberyards, Hardware And Rental Businesses.

"S.G.M.C. Group Co.,Ltd."

S.G.M.C. Group Co.,Ltd. Are Suppliers Of Diamond Tools Such As Circular Saws , Wall Drilling ,Gangsaw Blades , Diamond Circular Saws And Segments For Granite, Very High Speed Multi Blades , Etc .,

"Said S.P.A."

Produces Diamond Tools For Industrial Applications: For Polishing And Roughing Of Ceramic, Porcelain And Stoneware, Grinding Wheels For The Mechanical Industry, Glass Cutting Disks, Blades For Steel And Metals.


Samedia Has Developed The Leading Edge In The Manufacturing Of Diamond Tools For The Most Demanding Applications. Our Advanced Products And Their Quality, From The Custom-Made Unique Tool To The Standard Laser-Welded Blade, Offer The Best Answer To Our Customers Specific Needs.

"Sanders Saws, Inc."

The Different Varieties Of Blades Here Are High Speed-Dry Cutting-Segmented, Multi-Purpose-Dry Cutting-Segmented, Multi-Purpose-Dry Cutting-Turbo Rims,Walk Behind Saws-Dry Cutting-Segmented Tuck, Pointing-Dry Cutting-Segmented, Cup Grinders-Dry Cutting-Segmented Floor Grinders-Wet Cutting-Segmented, Crack Saw Blades-Wet Cutting-Segmented Etc And Many More.

"Sanjinfeng Diamond Tools"

A Special Manufacturer Of Diamond Tools,The Factory Was Funded In 1992. It Has A Production Building Area Of More Than 1,500 Square Meters. The Product Is Widely Used Among Manufacturers Of Stone, Ceramics And Cement. We Provide Slash Saw .

"Saw Master"

Green Supreme Blades Are More Expensive But Due To Its Maximum Production Capabilities, It Achieves A Lower Cost Per Cut On Large Jobs Due To Its High-Quality Diamonds And Its Excellent Performance On Hard Materials

"Sawing Systems Inc."

Diamond`Blade Saws Are 511`B Saw,511`Bd Cut`Off Saw,511`C Gantry Saw,511`Ctt Gantry Saw,515`B Saw,521`C Swivel Rail Saw,521`C Gantry, Saw,541`C Gantry Saw,541`Ctt`Ta Gantry Saw,541`Da Saw, 541 Saw Saddle,551`C Gantry Saw,Two`Post Diamond Belt Saw,Belt Saw,Block Saw,150 H.P. Multiplex Saw And Wire Saw.

"Schraml Glastechnik Gmbh"

Now We Offer You A Further Option, Which Enables You To Use Topdrill As Complete Working Center. You Will Make Hinges And Fittings For Glass Or Shower Doors In A Few Minutes Without Taking Away The Glass From Topdrill

"Semicon Tools, Inc."

Semicon Tools, Inc. Offers Diamond Blades And Accessroies For Automatic Dicing Machines. Resin Bonded And Nickel Plated Blades For Cutting Silicon, Alumina, Gaas, And Quartz.

"Shenzhen Robtol Diamond Tool Co., Ltd."

Offers Walk-Behind Blades Wet Cutting Blades Dry Cutting Blades Green Concrete Blades Crack Saw Blade Concrete Saw Abrasive Blades And More.

"Shenzhen Zeya Industry Co.,Ltd."

The Different Types Of Blades Are Sintered Diamond Blades, Laser Welded Diamond Blades, Brazed Diamond Blades, And Diamond Abrasive Wheels ,Technical Specifications For Use.

"Shijiazhuang Bosun Tools Co. Ltd."

Shijiazhuang Bosun Tools Co. Ltd. Offers Laser-Welded Blades, Brazed Diamond Saw Blades, Hot-Press Sintered Blades, Thinner Diamond Saw Blade, Tuck Point Blades, Diamond Core Drill, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Etc .,

"Shinhan Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd."

The Different Varieties Of Blades Here Are Mach-Laser Blades 1000, Mach-Laser Blades 2000, Mach-Laser Blades 3000, Mach-Laser Blades K, Mach-Laser Blades G, Laser Turbo Segmented, Laser Turbo Continuous Etc.

"Skyma Trading Inc."

Synthetic Diamond Blades And Polishing Pads: Our Diamond Blades Are Available In A Wide Variety Styles And Sizes. Each Cutting Disk Has A Bond And Diamond Size Suited To Its Specific Application- Granite, Ceramic, General Purpose, Etc. Our Velcro-Backed Polishing Pads Come In Many Grits And Sizes And Will Give Your Marble And Granite Surfaces A Mirror Finish At A Very Reasonable Price.

"Sm Diamond Tools, Inc.,"

Offers High Quality Blades, Core Bits, Grinding Wheels, Polishing Pads, And Other Diamond Products.

"Solar Diamond Tools"

Offers All Kinds Of Blade Type, Circular / Gang Saw, Chiesel , Dresser Range, Wheels, Etc .,


Diamond Gang Saw Blades Are Used For Economic Manufacture Of Slabs From Quarried Blocks Of Soft Stone, Marble, Travertine, Lime Stone Etc. The Segments Can Be Arranged At Regular Or Irregular Intervals Depending On Service Life And Blade Stability And Surface Quality Of The Slabs.

"Southern California Carbide, Inc."

Poly Crystalline Diamond (Pcd) -- Inserts, Drills, End Mills, Countersinks, Reamers .Cubic Boron Nitride (Cbn), Diamond Dressing Tools, Solid Cbn Tools (Amborite) Etc Are Soem Of The Products That Are Avalaible Here.


Sp3offers Diamond Saws For Slotting And Other Applications In A Broad Range Of Materials. The Saws Come In Four Standard Widths And A Coarse Tooth Pitch Suitable For Nonmetallic Materials.

"Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc."

Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc. Is A Wholesale And Retail Distributor Of Tools, Diamond Blades, Core Drills And Abrasive Products And A Full Range Of Hand And Power Tools.

"Splitstone, Ltd."

Split Stone, Ltd. Offers Segmented Blades, Crc, Grinding Discs, Core Bits, Etc .,

"Standall Tools Ltd"

Standall`S Range Of Dry Cutting Diamond Products Continues The Tradition Of Quality Associated With Our Name. Only Synthetic Diamonds Are Utilised - And Their Concentration Is Such That Good Service Life Is Ensured. The Cementing Bond Is Specially Formulated To Match The Material Being Cut, Ensuring A Constant And Timely Presentation Of New Cutting Edge Which Results In High Cutting Rates.

"Star Diamond Tools"

Star Diamond Tools Manufactures State-Of-The-Art Diamond Dressers And Pcd/Cbn Tools For Such Applications Servicing Industries Dealing In Engineering, Machine Tools And Commercial Vehicles Amongst Others. Our Dressers Include Blade Type Dresser .

"Star Diamond Tools Inc."

Offers Diamond Tools Which Include Angle Grinder Blades, Skil Saw Blades, Cut Off Saw Blades, Masonry Saw Blades, Flat Saw Blades,Core Drill, Etc .,

"Starcraft Group"

Starcraft Group, Located In Changsha, China, Is One Leading Professional Supplier And Exporter Of Power Tool Accessories. Starcraft Can Supply A Large Range Of Tools To Meet With Different Demands Of Our Customers. Our Products : 2009 Diamond Tuck Point Blade .

"Success Research Co."

The Edmar Abrasive Company Was Established In 1953 And Has Been A Leading Manufacturer And Merchandiser Of Diamond Blades And Reinforced Abrasive Blades For Cutting, Grinding, And Drilling Concrete, Masonry, Asphalt And Metal For Over 42 Years.The Saw Type That You Have For A Listing Of Available Blades Are Stationary Masonary Saws, Circular Saws, Right-Angle Grinders

"Sun Rental Center"

"Sun Rental Centerstock 14 Different Types Of Diamond Blades In All The Common Sizes. If You Need A 3-3/8"" Blade For A Hand Grinder Or An 18"" Blade For A Floor Saw, We Have It In Stock. If We Do Not Have What You Need We Are Always Happy To Special Order It At No Extra Charge."

"Sunrise Group Of Companies"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Diamond Tools . Product Include Cat No. 179-Saw Frame Adjustable Superior, Cat No. 180-Saw Frame Fixed Superior, Cat No. 180a-Saw Frame Plastic With Blade, Cat. No. 181 - Saw Blade Piercing .

"Sunva Diamond Tools Co., Ltd ."

Manufacturer Of Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Files, Diamond Mounted Points, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Dressers, Diamond Grinding Pastes, Diamond Dental Discs, Diamond Grinding Sticks And Other Special Diamond Tools.

"Super Abrasive Diamond,"

Offers Diamond Magniband Bandsaw Blades For All Exotic Materials, Magnicon Bond Diamond Plated Files, Core Drills And Hole Saws

"Surgical Instrument Specialists,Inc"

Your One Stop For Diamond Blade Titanium Handle Surgical Knives Made In The Usa. Cataract, Rk, And Ak Style Diamond Knives Are Our Specialty. We Also Feature Custom Designed Instruments To Meet Your Needs. We Repair All Brands, And Service Most Hand Held Surgical Instruments. Our Repairs Return The Instrument To New Performance Not New Configuration.

"Suzhou Far-East Abrasive Co, Ltd"

As One Of The Leading Diamond Products Manufacturers In China, We Produce Diamond Blades And Saws For Marble,Granite, Reinforced Concrete, Brick Masonry, Ceramic Materials , Etc. High Product Quality With The Highest Quality Diamonds, Metal Powders And Strict Final Inspection.

"Taurus Trading Company Limited"

Taurus Trading Company Limited Offers A Common Segmented Blade,Continuous Rim Blade,Turbo Diamond Blades,Turbo Blade With Waved And Turbo Blade With Splited.


Diamond Blades,Diamond Tools,Construction Equipment,Diamond Core Bits,Core Bits,Saw Blades

"Thermocarbon, Inc"

"Thermocarbon, Inc. Has Been A Pioneer In The Development Of Wafer Dicing And Precision Diamond-Grinding Technology. Dicemaster® And Blademaster® High-Quality Diamond Blades Are Available In A Complete Range Of Diameters From 2"" Through 7"" To Fit All Dicing Saws And Conventional Grinders. Thicknesses Are Available From .0012"" Through .5000"" With Various Tolerance Levels Starting At + .0001"". All Blades Are Electrically Conductive."

"Tiletool. Com,"

Diamond Blades Diamond Grinding Cups Tuck Point Blades Marble Saws And Accessories Granite Saws And Accessories Tile Saws And Accessories Stone Saws And Accessories Slab Saws And Accessories.


We Manufacture Of The Tools Like Diamond Blades Grout Saws Undercut Saws Color Tile Trim Straight Edges Saws/Pumps And More.

"Tool Avenue"

Tool Avenue Is Your Source For Diamond Blades No Matter What The Material. From Small Diameter Diamond Blades For Tile To Diamond Road Saw Blades, We Have It All. Pls Use Our Shopping Chart.

"Tool Avenue"

Tool Avenue Is Your Source For Diamond Blades No Matter What The Material. From Small Diameter Diamond Blades For Tile To Diamond Road Saw Blades, We Have It All.

"Toolguy.Com, Inc."

"Offers 4"" Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel Blades, 6"" Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel Blades, 4""X.250 Diamond Tuck Point Diamond Blade,4"" Crack Chaser Diamond Blade, 4""X.065 Turbo Diamond Blade , 12"" Diamond Blade Combo , 12"" And 14"" Pro-Series Diamond Blade, 20"" All-Star Diamond Blade, 10"" Toolguy Premium Tile Blade, Etc .,"


"Milwaukee Woodworking Power Tools, Cordless Drills, Jigsaws, Miter Saws . M-K Diamond 10"" Brick Paver Blades, M-K Diamond 7"" Portable Wet Tile Saws, M-K Diamond 7"" Professional Wet Tile Saws ."


Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Circular Saw Accessories, Cut Saw Accessories, Tile Saw Accessories, Cut Off Wheels, Bushings, Etc .,

"Travers Tool Co., Inc."

Blades Abrasives Files Deburring Tools Diamond Tooling Measuring Tools Inspection Tools Machinery Machine And More.

"Trimain Ltd"

Trimain Ltd Manufacture A Range Of Professional Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Core Drills And Diamond Cup Wheels For Use In The Building And Construction Industry For Cutting A Variety Of Materials Such As Concrete Products, Pipes, Asphalt, Bricks, Slabs, Roof Tiles, Stone, Marble, Granite Etc

"Tudee Diamond Ind Co., Ltd"

Tudee Diamond Ind Co., Ltd Offers Universal Diamond Blades , Laser Welded Saw Blade, Tuckpoint Blade , Wall Chaser, Turbo Blade(Flat & Wave),Wall Saw Blade , Segmented Saw For Wet, Etc .,

"Tundia Tooling"

The Fleise Blade Is Suited For Surface Dressing As Well As Contouring. In Multigrain Or Needle Form These Tools May Be Used Up Completely.

"Tusch Gmbh"

Tusch Produces Diamondtools On The Highest Technical Level. Our Product Range Includes Diamond-Saw-Blades From X 115 Mm To 900 Mm For Various Materials .

"Tyrolit-Vincent S.P.A."

Tyrolit-Vincent S.P.A. Is A Company Of The Tyrolit Group, The World Leader In The Manufacture And Distribution Of Conventional Abrasive Tools, Diamond Tools And Cbns . Products Include Diamond Core Drills And Cutting Blades .

"U.S. Avionics, Inc./ S.A.L.T. Superabrasives Lab"

We Manufacture High Quality Diamond Or Cbn Plated Tooling And Parts For Metalworking, Medical And Aircraft Engine Industries. Diamond Or Cbn Tools: Jig Grinding Mandrels, Grinding Tools , High Speed Milling, Grinding Tools Etc, Barrel Laps, Blind Hole Laps, Internal Laps Etc, Reamers, Countersinks & Angled Spindles, Miniature (Micro) Drills, Twist Drills, Core Drills, Hand Files, Needle Files, Riffler Files, Grinding Wheels, Sawblades, Diamond Point Dressing Tools.

"Ukam Industrial Superhard Tools"

High Quality, Cutting Edge Diamond Tools At Prices You Can Afford. We Are Constantly Engaged In Research And Development. We Have The Largest Selection Of Cutting Blades, Diamond Powder, Drils And Bits, Grinding Discs And Cup Wheels, As Well As Segments.

"United Tool And Fastener, Inc."

Offers Diamond Core Bits Core Drilling Equipment Core Bit Extensions Re-Tip Exchange Program Wet & Dry Diamond Blades

"Vermont American Tool Company,"

American`S #1 Manufacturer Of Power Tool Accessories (Ptas), Introduces An Assortment Of Diamond Abrasive Blades At The 1999 National Hardware Show, August 15 - 18 In Chicago.

"View Well Superabrasives Co., Ltd"

Synthetic Diamond Circular Saws Synthetic Diamond Electroplated Products Synthetic Diamond Grinding Wheel Synthetic Diamond Grinding Table Synthetic Diamond Reaming Shells And More.

"Witthaut Diamantwerkzeug GmbH"

Witthaut, a member of the German Diamond Tools Manufactures association is selling a wide variety of saw blades and machines. In the USA, Sierra Nevada Diamond is their sole agent. Please contact SND Toll Free at 1-888-434-2832

"Wonil Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd."

The Different Blades Avaliable Here Are Laser Welded Saw Blades, Sintered Saw Blades, Flat Turbo Blades, And Tuck Pointing Blades

"World Diamond Source"

Distributor Of Diamond Blades, Tuckpoints, Turbo Blades, Segmented Turbo Blades, Small Diameter Segmented Blades, High Speed Segmented Blades, Cup Wheels, Crack Chasers, Profile Wheels, Polishing Pads, Bits, Tile Blades, Wet Stone Blades, Core Bits, & Wet Walk Behind Blades

"Wuxi Nanfang Diamond Implement Plant"

Wuxi Nanfang Diamond Implement Plant,A Manufacturer Of Diamond Tools Including Diamond Core Bits And Saw Blades In China. The Different Types Of Blades Are Concrete, Marble, Granite, Small Blades, Asphalt & Green, Segments Etc.

"Wuxi Nanfang Diamond Implement Plant"

A Manufacturer Of Diamond Tools Including Diamond Core Bits And Saw Blades In China Offers Diamond Saw Blades, Core Bit And More.

"Wuxi Nanfang Diamond Implement Plant"

Wuxi Nanfang Diamond Implement Plant Have Two Kinds Of Diamond Saw Blade:High-Frequency Welding Saw Blade And Heater-Pressured Saw Blade.The Heater-Pressured Diamond Saw Blade Has Four Types: Dry Type (Segment), Wet Type(Continious Rim),Turbo Type And Super Type.

"Wuxi Universal Diamond Tools Co. Ltd.,"

Wuxi Universal Diamond Tools Co. Ltd., Is One Of The Earliest Manufacturers That Specialized In Producing Diamond Tools In China. Products Include Include Segmented And Notched Rim Diamond Saw Blades, Geological Diamond Drilling Bits And Reaming Shells, Diamond Core Drilling Bits, Metal-Bonded And Resin-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Dressing Wheels, Diamond Abrasive Wheels, Diamond Grinding Bars And Discs, Etc.

"Xingda Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd"

A Company Speciaiizing In Manufacturing Various Diamond Blades. The Company Is Located In Danyang,Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu Province, China

"Ying Liang Stone(Xiamen) Corp."

Ying Liang Stone(Xiamen) Corp. Offers All Kinds Of Diamond Tools Such As Diamond Circular Saw Blades(Wide Water Gap Saw Blade), Cutting Disc, Etc .,

"Zhejiang Wanli-Dayou Diamond Tools Co., Ltd"

"Zhejiang Wanli-Dayou Diamond Tools Co., Ltd Is A Specialized Diamond Cutting Disc Factory. The Disc Is Made Of High Quality Diamond & Alloy Steel, With The Characteristics Of Good Cutting Capability,Small Cutting Stitch And Long Using Life. Our Production Is Consistently Granted Well Up To German Company`S Standard After Strict Tests, Has Got ""Dsa"" Certificate."

"Zhijie Stone Products Industrial & Commercial Co., Ltd."

Offers Diamond Multi-Blade, Diamond Single Blade, Diamond Grinding Polisher, Special-Shaped Cutter, Core Drill, Diamond Grinding Wheel.

"Zhili Diamond Tools"

Diamond Saw Blades And Segments . We Produce Different Sizes Of Diamond Saw Blades(Include Silent Diamond Saw Blades),We Can Also Produce Different Sizes Of Segments For Big Size Diamond Blades,All Kinds Of Segments Are Available By Special Order.

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